No Crow Rooster Collar

1. NO CROW Rooster Collars are cruelty free & can allow your rooster to live at home quietly. 

2. There are 5 different sizes so you can choose a crow collar that can be perfectly adjusted to your own rooster's neck size.

3. No more worrying about noise disturbances and no more waking up at 4.30am!

4. No more tough decisions when choosing an unsexed chick that turns out to be a rooster.

5. They are also suitable for hens that are gender confused and attempt to crow. 

Now we have the boys covered, let's talk about the girls!

Wanting to dress your chicken up?

Then our Chicken Nappies, Chicken Diapers, Hen Dresses & Chicken Bonnets are for you. Made in all sizes to suit all shapes & sizes.

(Note: Please consider your city council regulations when owning roosters & note that dressing up chickens is only for chickens that are very relaxed)

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