About Us

Welcome to No Crow Rooster Collars Australia - also selling Chicken Nappies & Hen Dresses

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” –( Plato)...hence our No Crow Rooster Collars & chicken nappies!

Who Are We? 

City Chicks is one of Australia’s biggest online and retail poultry business operating since 2008. We have our outlet in Brisbane. See our City Chicks online shop for the exciting range of live birds, chicks, ducklings, health, feed and general products we have at www.citychicks.com.au.

Where Are We? 

At the Lifestyle Centre - 225 Mount Glorious Rd, Samford Valley 4520.

Open daily - 9am to 2pm Mon to Sat & 9am to 12 noon Sun.

Please feel free to pop by to buy your no crow rooster collars and chicken nappies or to see our range of pet chickens.

How Do I Get In Contact about No Crow Rooster Collars? 

Email us at sales@nocrowroostercollars.com.au.

Facebook Messenger at City Chicks - farmhouse marketplace

Call us at 07 32893007

How Did it Start? 

The no crow rooster collars are professionally designed and proudly made in the USA. They were invented when a local chicken owning lady needed to design something to stop the crowing noise from her hand raised and wonderful pet rooster Humphrey Bogart ‘Bogie’. Now what started as a homemade solution to her crazy desire to have a rooster is a fully functioning, good looking product. And..now available in Australia to our local rooster owners wanting some peace and quiet.

Our nappies and dresses started the same way. Through necessity arrived these wonderful fun products.

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