Rooster Collars

The world's 1st patented No Crow Rooster Collar designed to humanely dramatically reduce both the volume and the frequency of crowing. It has been tested and adjusted for maximum, safety, comfort, and effectiveness.

Sizing Guideline: sizing recommendations are by breed. When in doubt, choose a size larger! (You will need 3.5cm to 5cm of "overlap" on the collar to ensure the velcro attaches properly.)

• XS - Extra small - 10cm for smallest breeds, like tiny Old English Game

• S - Small - 15cm for breeds like younger Pekins, D'Uccles, Showgirls, Old English Game

• M -Medium - 20cm for breeds like Silkies, Polish, Bantams, Leghorns, Ancona

• L - Large - 25cm for most larger birds like Plymouth Rocks, Marans, Rhode Island Reds, Wyandottes, Faverolles, Barnevelders etc

• XL - Extra large - 30cm for big birds like Brahma, Orpingtons

Click here to download instruction on: How to Fit your No Crow Rooster Collar

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