FAQs for No crow rooster collars:

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  • How Does it Work? It works by stopping the force behind a rooster crow. To produce a crow, reserves of air from air sacs and the lungs are expelled all at once. When the no crow collar is worn snugly around the neck, it limits the air force and makes the crow a lot quieter. It fits like a belt worn around the waist.


  • Is it safe? The no crow rooster collar does not affect eating, breathing or any physical activities including cleaning, preening, dust bathing and mating. We do of course recommend moving anything that might potentially snag the collar from the environment.


  • Is it comfy? Yes it is. The no crow rooster collar is made of Velcro. It is worn the soft side in and is hinged to allow for full neck flexibility. The fabric is also very breathable. It will take a day for your rooster to get used to the collar and the sensation of having something around his neck.


  • How Do I know if it is tight enough? Once your rooster has gotten used to having a collar around his neck for a day, you can then tighten to adjust to fit his throat. The easiest way to find the best fit is to start tight, reassess and loosen a bit at a time as necessary. Once you have the collar secured, check the fit by gently tucking the tip of your finger under the top and bottom edges. It should be evenly snug all of the way round. If there are feathers pinched under the top edge of the collar that should be hanging over the collar, please adjust them now. Otherwise they will work themselves loose and make the fit loose. Before finishing with the rooster, take some time to check that he is comfortable and assess his posture and breathing. Most roosters will breathe with their beaks open when feeling nervous. Download illustrated instructions here.......


  • Is it guaranteed to work? The no crow rooster collar is designed to allow for necessary vocalisation at a reduced level. If the collar is properly fitted and adjusted, it will be effective. It is not meant to totally stop a crowing noise and results may vary from rooster to rooster.


  • Can I use it on a Noisy Hen? We have had success with hens that try to crow.


  • How do I Know what size to Order? Get the size of your rooster’s neck so that the no crow rooster collar size is right. Measure around the lower portion of the neck under the feathers close to the skin. You will need at least 3.75cm of overlap for the Velcro to stick correctly. Eg. If your silkie’s neck is 16cm around, you should order a Medium no crow rooster collar. When in doubt, order one size larger.


  • Can it be adjusted? No crow rooster collars can be adjusted. The collar can be made as small as needed. It cannot be made larger that the size listed.


  • Is it Patented? Yes, a patent was filed and accepted. No crow rooster collars cannot be duplicated or similarly made without compromising patent laws and risking legal action by the inventor.


 FAQs Chicken nappies and hen dresses:

  • How do they work? Elastic holds the garments in place making it a firm yet comfortable fit. 
  • Can they be worn all of the time? Chicken nappies and hen dresses should not be worn all of the time. They should be used when needed ie coming inside, going in the car or when sick or for short period of time outside. Remember to remove any potential snagging objects from the area. 
  • How do They Fit? Pretty easily. They come with instructions.
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