Chicken Nappy - M Medium

Comfy nappy for medium sized chickens like silkies.

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About this Product

Chicken Nappy or Chicken Diaper


SUCH AS hamburghs, campine, polish or younger pullets up to 12 weeks of age.



1. Easy to use with chickens coming inside the house to be played with by children or in nursing homes.

2. Essential for sick chickens housed inside re-cooperating.

3. Useful on car trips.

4. Made from pure cotton so easy to wash.

5. Insert panty liner in the nappy to absorb the mess and then throw out. No fuss!


City Chicks supplies a wide range of poultry accessories including CHICKEN NAPPIES at


A CHICKEN NAPPY is the perfect accessory for the city chicken. Straight from the catwalk to your home. Our chicken nappies are designed and made to fit most chickens and they are fitted with elastic which can be moved to fit the girth of your bird. The nappy is made from pure cotton so it shouldn't irritate any delicate bottoms. The instructions on our sheet are clear and helpful.


Our nappies are made in the Dominican Republic by a Women's Refuge. They offer the only source of income to the group.


Please choose carefully regarding size. We can swap if not fitting at the buyers expense for postage.

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